Book cover of The Tech Interview Inside Out

Tech interviews are hard.

I know this because I've done hundreds of them an interviewer, working at the likes of Uber, Microsoft, and Skype. This book will help you perform your best on the spot..

Get into tech companies. Preparation strategies to perform your best across a variety of tech interviews. From the big tech companies - Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft - to more nimble startups with and small companies with more adhoc interview processes.

Avoid the common, non-coding pitfalls. Do your best on the interviews beyond just practicing coding challenges. Many people who pass the coding rounds still fail to get an offer for a variety of reasons - you'll learn how to prepare for and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Behind the scenes. The book is written with input from some of the best tech recruiters, hiring managers, and technical interviewers. You'll get candid advice on preparing for parts of the interview process straight from the people who design and conduct the process.

    How this book is different

    Backend, mobile, web

    You'll read tailored advice based on specialization and seniority. The book dives into the differences for the frontend, backend, fullstack, and mobile interview processes. You'll also get tailored advice when applying for intern, junior, senior, and principal/staff roles.

    All interview stages

    You need to make it through multiple rounds to get an offer. You'll read hands-on advice on making it through the CV screen, the recruiter screen, the technical screen, and the different onsite stages. You'll find pointers to trialed and tested practice resources to help bring your best for all interview stages.

    Coronavirus situation

    With the pandemic, the way interviews conducted have changed. You'll read advice on adapting to the changes in how companies recruit, like standing out from the larger than usual number of applicants and conducting all-remote interview rounds.

    About the author

    Gergely Orosz

    Hi -I'm Gergely. I spent a decade working as a software developer, from small startups, through investment banking, then at tech companies like Skype, Microsoft, Skyscanner and Uber. I started as a junior developer, leveling up to senior and principal engineering positions. I later moved into engineering management. I've worked across the stack on web, native mobile, backend and distributed systems teams.

    I've conducted more than 300 interviews as a technical interviewer and hiring manager the past few years. I've always struggled to recommend a book for candidates to prepare for the full tech interview cycle. I'm writing this book to even the field between those who have seen how the system works and know how to prepare, and those who do not.

    Follow me on Twitter at @GergelyOrosz, connect on Linkedin or read my blog on